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Inert inorganic metal oxide materials, acid corrosion, high temperature, high temperature conditions suitable for repeated sterilization;

----- Ultra-high hardness wear-resistant, long life; (chrome steel pump 5-8 times), a very small amount of particles released;

The crystal structure shows zero porosity material mass density ----- extremely smooth surface of the product, minimal friction, minimal drug residues;

----- Plunger minimal thermal expansion gap is smaller, no solution can be run continuously, filling accuracy can be realized-line cleaning and sterilization;

Product performance:

Excellent properties of materials
Ordinary ceramics defective because of material properties, can not meet the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, food, hygiene and health standards of the cosmetics industry. Shenzhen Jing Zhuo Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of ceramic technology, developed Phrama-A, Phrama-Z ceramic material than conventional ceramic materials outstanding performance. 

1、the average particle size of less material 
2、wear resistance and corrosion resistance 
3、higher temperature, thermal expansion smaller
4、porosity smaller 
5、 the surface roughness, smoother, smaller friction coefficient
6、more accurate geometric dimensions

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