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Ceramic filling pump range and accuracy
• Filling range: 0.1-2000ml, or special design;
• high filling accuracy :( filling medium is water for injection) ± 0.25% or less;

Ceramic pump is applicable to many brands on the machine
• Chinese production filling machine;
• Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan and other production filling machine;

The scope of ceramic components
Ceramics program Shenzhen Jing Zhuo Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. to provide high-precision liquid dispensing applied, measurement, fluid control industry:
• Ceramic pump
• fluid control components
• size requirements for extremely precise, high mechanical performance requirements of industry custom ceramic parts.

Liquid packaging can be applied
• Pharmaceutical Industry
Injection (small capacity injection, water injection ampoules, freeze-dried powder ...)
Syrups, capsules, pills ...
Washing liquid, enemas ...
Creams, ointments ...

• Liquid food
Beer, beverages, dairy products, wine, oil ...

• cosmetic
Perfume, potions, creams, ointments, shampoos and other transfer agents ...

• other
Ink, reagents, chemicals ...

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